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Be careful before upgrading the game, sometimes it brings a lot of bugs. Some of users report having their island wiped of buildings when they upgrade to new game versions.

If you have a rooted phone always make a backup before upgrading with an application like "Titanium Backup". Or wait for 'clearance' from other users.

If you have at least Android 4 Helium Backup might work for your device. The app is not working with Motorola phones but with many of the Samsung family. See the FAQ for more details.

Please, be aware that this Wiki has no connection with the developers of the game. For any issues you experience you may find workaround solutions in these pages based on other players’ experience, but the official solutions are offered only by the developers. Address them on their support page.

Official Releases

  • Paradise Island: 2. iOS version for iPad/iPhone. Latest: 1.0,1 (Dec 12, 2014). Available only in New Zealand, Australia and Lithuania Appstore
  • Paradise Island: Android. Android version. This wiki is mainly based on the latest Android game version. The same apk is available in multiple languages, just set your Android's language.
  • Paradise Island: HD. iOS version for iPad. Latest: 2.3 (May 8, 2014)
  • Paradise Island: Exotic. iOS version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Latest: 2.7.0 (May 29, 2015)
  • Paradise Island: Mac Mac version. Latest 1.0.4 (Feb 1, 2013)

Android Versions

Current Version

v 3.2.4 (Build 2??)

What's New?

The mini game around the beach:

-now have 4 difficulties, and start with low. The difficulty increases by winning.

-now recharges with energy bay like the in-game energy.

-better rewards.

-competition like some other events.

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Previous Versions

v2.10 (Build 239)

December 18, 2014

What's New (As stated in Google Play/Market):

  • Hooray! The Snowmen are coming to the Island soon to start celebrating their favorite Winter holiday with new snow buildings, heaps of presents and wondrous adventures!
  • Put your strength to the test in the fight with the Ice Giant and win back the Christmas presents he stole. Wake up your friends who haven’t been to their Island for a while and get rewards!
  • Buy the unique buildings for medals at the union shop
  • Get a unique Bushido Museum for medals and another new building from the union shop
  • Get ready to expand your territory, and prepare for new adventures! Stay tuned!<! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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iOS (iPhone and iPod) Versions

Current Version


May 29, 2015

What's New (As stated in the App Store):

  • It’s time to upgrade the lighthouse and illuminate uncharted waters with its beacon. Expand your domain over the sea and get new rewards!
  • Numerous bug fixes and text improvements.
Previous Versions


May 14, 2015

What's New (As stated in the App Store):

  • The Patron of Success is waiting for you at the union shop. He can lower the staff requirements for your buildings and make your Island even more successful!
  • Exciting new adventures await! Upgrade the bridge and discover new territories. Get rewards and keep developing your Island!
  • Multiple text improvements and bug fixes have been made.


January 22, 2015

What's New (As stated in the App Store):

  • Great news! Our brand new shop, where you can spend your rating points on special items, is now open. Go check it out!
  • New gems with unique effects and a new, profitable building have been added to the game.

Observed changes:

  • The Union Store is now implemented. This currently allows two new buildings (Lightning Booster and Bud Boutique) and two new gems (Small Corundum and Small Agate) to be purchased with rating points.
  • The Lightning Booster boosts the energy of all electricity generators within it's range. States by 7% for a range of 3 cells, though this might improve with upgrades.
  • Small Curundum increases the profits of a building by 4% and the experience gained by a whole massive 1 point.
  • Small Agate decreases the chances of a building breakdown by 20%.


December 20, 2014

What's New (As stated in the App Store):

  • The long-awaited, miraculous Christmas time is coming; a time of snow, candies and amazing wonders. Soon, cheery snowmen will come to the Island for the holidays, and they will help you with the festive preparations. Amazing snow buildings, heaps of presents, surprises and adventures are all in store for you!
  • Still, you’d better be on your guard; they say that a gift thief is lurking about! Don’t let this trouble-maker spoil the holidays!
  • New levels for Albrecht’s Workshop are now available to you: the scientist found out how to make the stones even more powerful.
  • In this update, you will get an opportunity to compete with other players to create exotic souvenirs. Take part, rise to the top and win great rewards.

Observed changes:

  • Albrecht's_Workshop can now be upgraded to level 8, allowing flawless emeralds, rubies and sapphires, plus Flawless Amethysts to be created (once magnifying glasses are found, which may not have been implemented yet).
  • The Ice Giant event was repeated.
  • I have absolutely no idea what the creating exotic souvenirs or the gift thief refers to.


June 16, 2014

What's New (As stated in the App Store):

  • A great sports event is coming soon. Construct ultramodern athletic facilities and become the best finisher – the sports fans will appreciate your effort!
  • Graphics, games controls and game text content has been updated.

Observed changes:

How to Downgrade (Android)

Android: Ensure that Unknown Sources is currently checked in your Application Settings and then simply install the apk file of the old version over the top of the new version. Note that older versions may not have all the current buildings in the game and may behave unexpectedly.

We cannot distribute or help you locate apk files in any way, so please do not ask.

If you need to learn more about installing non-market applications in Android go HERE as it is outside the scope of this wiki.