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THGA THGA 5 September 2013

My experience with support

Due to some contradictory support replies regarding island restore i've decided to publish parts of the communication.

on day X i wrote:

me asking why my island was banned and what the suspicion of cheating meant

reply on day x + 4

I have transferred your details for a careful investigation in order to help you as soon as we can and to provide you with the best support you deserve. Please, note that your request processing may take up some time, so our specialists shall get back to you within five working days.

reply day x + 7

In such situation I can recommend you to start the game from the beginning and then we can restore your old progress.

me day x + 7

me asking how to proceed

reply day x + 8

Please reinstall the application, enter your new name …

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THGA THGA 31 May 2013

Where does this app come from?

Our beloved development team is residing here:

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