The 'True Tanker' event is an event that started on May 8, 2013, and lasts for 7 days.  During this event you have to build certain structures to earn points, which you can in turn exchange for other rewards.

Description Ingame PI-Blog:

Dear players, you have an opportunity to construct majestic monuments on your Island today! But you'll need certificates for them, which can be found inside special chests. If you fulfill certain tasks, you'll get points, which can be exchanged for the chests. There will be other presents too! And if you see the Lucky Star, you'll get much more money in the bank than you expected, for the same price.

Earning Points

You can earn points in the following ways:

Help a tourist => 2 points with circa 50% drop rate

Collect income from a Sunny center => 6 points with circa 50% drop rate

Collect income from a Café => 7 points with 75=80% drop rate

Upgrade an Airshow => 290 points

Collect income from a Racetrack => 1070 points with 100% drop rate

Building an Impregnable Fortress => 1870 points (Be sure to use an economy scroll first)

Building a Golden Defender => 188 points

Buying Points:  10€ => 235 points

By tapping on the chest you want to claim, then tapping the Tank point cost button at the bottom-center of the display.  You then must choose the "Buy" button and adjust the slider to choose the number of TP you wish to buy.  The cost in piastries will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on the green button. Select this button to complete the purchase.


You can buy treasure chests for 7,500 points each. Next is a content list:

T-34 Chest - 7,500 points

Mk IV Churchill Chest - 7,500 points

M4 Sherman Chest - 7,500 points

Tiger Chest - 7,500 points

Scrolls contained in all 4 chests

  • Medium time scroll (x3) Scroll cyan
  • Collect all profit scroll (fast) (x4) Scroll red


Tank t34
Tank churchill
Tank sherman
Tank tiger
T-34 Tank Memorial Mk IV Churchill
Tank Memorial
M4 Sherman
Tank Memorial
Tiger Tank Memorial

Related Special Award

Number Name How to get it $ XP
113 True Tank Commander Place one of the Tank Monuments 100,000 5,000 5
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