Thalers are a new type of coin introduced in the iOS (not iPad) version 2.2.6 of the game. They are ancient coins found during expeditions launched from the Expedition Center and can be spent in a new special section of the store.

Collecting Thalers

Each expedition has a chance of finding Thalers. The chance varies depending on the expedition members and the location. See the Expedition Center page for more details on this.

Spending Thalers


Thalers are spent in a new section of the store.

There are six slots in the Thalers store. The first two seem to be dedicated to buildings. The second two appear to contain scrolls and batteries. The last two appear to contain gems and recipes.

Items appear for a limited time in each slot, before being removed and replaced with a new item. If you see different combinations to this, please let us know. The time left in the store and delivery times for new items are displayed below the item's graphic.

For details of the Thaler cost for gems and scrolls, please see their respective pages. Buildings and tourmaline are shown below.

Buildings in the Thaler store

Building name Cost in Thaler
Cannonball man
Atom Man Attraction 170
Building attraction 01
Jumping Attraction 155
Jupiter Attraction 145
Merry Carousel 155
Mysterious Castle 150
Building pirate ship
Pirate Ship 125
Roger waterslide
Roger Waterslide 180
Attraction shark
Shark Attraction 170
Zorbing 155

Know the cost of another building? Please add it here or let us know in the comments.

Recipes in the Thaler store

Recipe name Cost in Thaler
Small tourmaline recipe
Small Tourmaline recipe 45
Tourmaline recipe
Tourmaline recipe 50
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