The Superhero event is a small event, unlike most other special events in the past. The way of getting the needed resources differs from most of them too. In the Superhero event you need to pick the 2 real villains from a group of 10 potential villains. Tap a badge Badges superhero potential villain to flip it and see if its back side shows a villain Badge superhero real villain. Only when both villains have been spotted do you get another batch of 10 potential villains.
Once you have collected enough resources you can build this event's only building. You can only collect resources up to their amount needed for the Comic book store.


Comic book store
Comic book store


Mask large
Cape large
Boots large
Mask Cape Boots

Drop rates

BadgeRelative appearanceDropsCost
Badges superhero potential villain => Badge superhero soother80%Nothing1 Action energy drop zap
per flip
Badges superhero potential villain => Badge superhero real villain20%1 Cape large with 20% probability, or
1 Xp big with 40% probability, or
1 Shell large with 20% probability, or
1 Pearl large with 15% probability, or
1 Golden ring large with 5% probability
Action energy drop zap
Badge superhero rescuedOnly at friends' islands, one per friend,
maximum 20 badges per 24 hour period
1 Mask large with 100% probability1 Action energy drop zap

Note: You can buy a quick look at all 10 Badges superhero potential villain badges for 3 Action energy drop per look using your Super Vision Island energyicon superhero norm.

BuildingDrops on money collection
SunnyCenter1 Boots large with 100% probability if you do not have any yet, or
1 Boots large with 10% probability otherwise

Related Awards

Number Name How to get it $ XP
1 Superhero Build a Comic Book Store 2,000 5
2 Super Speed Complete Superhero's Day in 60 hours or less 3,000 7
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