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The Snow Arena event built upon the boss battle events, such as Wet Willy and Ice Giant, but takes it to the next level by allowing you to take on other players in a group fight! It was first launched on March 21, 2014 on the Android platform and 23rd May, 2014 on iOS.

Whilst this event occurred before the Coliseum event, the latter is well documented, so this page just adds to that knowledge.

Getting started

Like the Coliseum, the Snow Arena can be built for $7000. No tasks need to be performed, you simply need a 6x6 space to build it. Once built, each battle costs 5 will power points. You start with 15. Willpower recharges at the rate of one point per 12 minutes. Alternatively, you can fully recharge for 10 €.

The battle

The battle pits two teams of five players against each other. The winning team is the first to score 5000 points. Points are scored through using various weapons:

Weapon Damage Cooldown time Cost
Snowball 20 1 min. Free
Rolling Snowball 60 1 min, 30 secs. $ cost based on level
Ice Sword 120 1 min, 30 secs. $ cost based on level
Snow Rifle 100 1 min. 1 €
Snow Thrower 500 1 min. 5 €
Snow Cannon 900 1 min, 30 secs. 10 €


Both the winning an losing team players receive rewards, as long as they contribute to the battle. The rewards are far greater for those that win.

Chest name How to win it Possible rewards
Pacifist Chest All active players on the losing team Shells, pearls and rent scrolls.
Participant's Chest Active players on the winning team that come 4th or 5th Small topaz, small ruby, small emerald, small sapphire, small economy scroll, sell building scroll, small time scroll, small profit scroll, rent scroll, iron keys, golden rings, pearls and shells.
Bronze Chest Third place active winning player Pirate flag, diamond, +120 battery, small topaz, small ruby, small emerald, small sapphire, free upgrade scroll, free repair scroll, medium economy scroll, sell building scroll, medium time scroll, medium profit scroll, rent scroll, iron keys,pearls and shells.
Silver Chest Second place active winning player Five star hotel, pirate flag, fifth element, +250 battery, topaz,ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, large economy scroll, free upgrade scroll, free repair scroll, sell building scroll, large time scroll, large profit scroll, rent scroll, solver keys, gold rings and pearls.
Gold Chest First place active winning player Hockey stadium, five star hotel, pirate flag, black agate,+500 battery, topaz, fine ruby, fine emerald, fine sapphire,fine amethyst, great economy scroll, free upgrade scroll, free repair scroll, scroll of Blitzen the Deer, great time scroll, great profit scroll, rent scroll, golden keys, silver keys, gold rings.

Glory Points

In addition to winning chests, participants also gain glory points. Those that build up the highest glory scores over the course of the eight days that the event runs, then gain extra rewards at the end. The possible rewards are:

Chest Awarded to Reward
Top 250+ Participants who do not make it into the top 250, but who score at least one glory point. 3 €, 1 small sapphire, 1 small emerald, 1 sell building scroll, 2 small time scrolls, 2 small profit scrolls, 3 rent scrolls, 3 golden rings, 5 pearls and 7 shells.
Top 250 Participants who place 51st to 250th. 50 €, 2 small rubies, 2 small emeralds, 2 sell build scrolls, 1 large time scroll, 1 large profit scroll, 3 medium time scroll, 3 medium profit scrolls, 5 silver keys, 10 iron keys, 5 golden rings, 10 pearls and 15 shells.
Top 50 Participants who place 6th to 50th 250 €, 1 amethyst, 2 emeralds, 3 sell building scrolls, 1 great time scroll, 1 great profit scroll, 3 large time scrolls, 3 large profit scrolls, 2 golden keys, 10 silver keys, 15 iron keys, 10 golden rings, 20 pearls and 25 shells.
Top 5 Participants who place 1st to 5th 1000 €, 1 Snow Fights Club, 1 ruby, 1 amethyst, 3 great sell building scrolls, 5 great time scrolls, 5 great profit scrolls, 2 free upgrade scrolls, 2 free repair scrolls, 5 golden keys, 20 silver keys, 25 iron keys, 15 golden rings, 30 pearls and 50 shells.
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