Price AUD 7.62
EUR 6.29
GBP 4.89
NZD 8.91
USD 6.99
Staff required 0 employees (?)
Energy units consumed 0 units (?)
XP gained for constructing 900 XP
Size 5x5 tiles
Time to 100% accumulation 6:00:00
Must be placed on Land
Road required No
Max number of facilities 1
Available from July 2013

Pearl caravan

Every 6 hours the Pearl Caravan generates €6, adding up to €250 if collected every 6 hours. It also generates various other gifts. Please let us know what you got from the Caravan so we can create an overview of the possible gifts.

After a given time (indicated on the building detail window), the caravan no longer produces anything and becomes useless. You can then destroy it.

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