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Happy Flag Day Flags
Price €90 / €68*
XP gained for constructing 100 XP
Size 2x2 tiles
Must be placed on Land
Road required No
Max number of facilities Unlimited
Available from

June 14, 2012 for 72 hours

Event flag icon.png


Happy Flag Day Flags
Usa.png Russia.png German.png France.png Italy.png
USA Russia Germany France Italy
United kingdom.png Canada.png China.png Japan.png Netherlands.png
United Kingdom Canada China Japan Netherlands
Spain.png Switzerland.png Australia.png
Spain Switzerland Australia

Happy Flag Day

Event Description

Happy Flag Day! You have a unique chance to buy your favourite flag with the discount! Decorate your Island with the flag you like! Limited time event!

Blog Description

Dear friends, today you have the special opportunity to install the National Flag on your Island! Show your pride to everyone visiting it! Please hurry, the offer lasts only a few days!


Note* - The flags MRP (Manufactures Retail Price) is €90 each, however during this special event the flags are discounted by 25% for only €68!! In addition to this you can apply a Large Economy Scroll taking an additional 15% off making the flags a fantastic patriotic buy for only €58 !!! Get in quick and buy up a large stock as this special discount may be discontinued at any time!