All you people who like PI and have played long enough must have realised that most difficult thing in this game is power management, and to a certain point staff management. I thought of making a table available which considers profitability, energy consumption and staff for each building. For now I just named these as energy efficiency and staff efficiency, later on i might change it to appropriate names and/or will add proper description with calculation. I am using all the data from existing pages only.


Here I will add efficiency of the buildings at level 5 upgrade, without any totems of prosperity or oracles of fortification at 100% accumulation considering repair time and costs. Higher efficiency value means it makes more profit with less energy.

Main Structures Size


Energy Efficiency

Staff Efficiency

Overall efficiency

Cabin 5x5 $ 60 300 1500 250
Gift shop 4x4 $ 49 78.4 392
Bungalow 5x5 $ 32 80 400
Sunny Center 5x5 $ 25 31.25 156.25
Bed-and-Breakfast 5x5 $ 26 21.67 130
Galaxy Restaurant 5x5 $ 55 39.28 229.16
Wild West Hotel 5x5 $ 22 18.33 91.67
Hotel Island 5x5 $ 28 20 77.78
Cottage 4x4 $ 57 36.48 182.4
UFO Restaurant Museum 5x5 $ 29 16.11 65.90
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