The 'Chasing Quantum' event is an event that started on May 31, 2013, and July 23, 2014 and lasts for 7 days. During this event you have to collect from, build or upgrade certain structures to earn points, which you can in turn exchange for other rewards.

Description Ingame PI-Blog:

Dear friends, this weekend you'll be able to construct the most powerful energy station in the world! It's the Quantum Generator. Its drawings are hidden in the chests, and some of them will be yours, if you maintain the buildings of the Island properly and fulfill other tasks of the event. You'll also get a bonus for buying currency in the bank, and certainly get your present for visiting out facebook page via the event window!

Earning Points

You can earn points in the following ways:

Collect income from a Cabin => 1 point with circa 29% drop rate

Collect income from a Gift shop => 6 points with circa 48% drop rate

Build a Volcano Rock Concert => 2222 points with 100% drop rate

Upgrade an Observatory => 572 points with 100% drop rate

Buying Points: €3 => 126 points


Scholar's Chest - 5,000 points

  • Large economy scroll
  • Medium profit scroll (x2)
  • Medium time scroll (x3)
  • Collect all profit scroll (x5)

Specialist's Chest - 11,000 points

  • Battery
  • Large economy scroll
  • Large profit scroll (x2)
  • Large time scroll (x2)
  • Collect all profit scroll (x5)

Expert's Chest - 16,000 points

Master's Chest - 20,000 points

Event Analysis

If you are considering buying any Quantum points using €, consider instead building the Volcano Rock Concert.  If you use a large economy scroll to purchase the building you should only pay €47 for 2,222 QP, which comes out to over 47 QP per €.  The Observatory with a large economy scroll yields almost the same QP per € (47.67), because of its higher initial cost.  However, the Observatory requires a lot of $ to upgrade and takes more time to completely upgrade.  Buying the points direct gives 42 QP per €.

The drop rates are extremely low and it would be difficult or impossible for anyone to get all 4 chests for this event.  The chest costs are higher than previous similar events and the options for receiving points are much fewer with worse drop rates.

Only the top two chests, Expert's and Master's chests, have Quantum Generator drawing pieces in them.  So consider carefully before buying either of the lower chests.  Most likely, you will only be able to buy one copy of each type of chest.

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