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'The Great Explorer' event is an event that started on October 11, 2013, and lasts for 7 days. During this event you have to collect from, build or upgrade certain structures to earn points, which you can in turn exchange for other rewards.

Earning Points

You can earn Discovery Points (Discovery Point) in the following ways:

  • Tap on tourists for 1 energy zaps each => 7 Discovery Point with 96% drop rate
  • Collect income from Bungalows => 1 Discovery Point with 50% drop rate
  • Collect income from Cafés => 8 Discovery Point with 94% drop rate
  • Upgrade an Estate => 600 Discovery Point with 100% drop rate
  • Demolish an Oak => 53 Discovery Point with 100% drop rate
  • Buying Points: €3 => 156 Discovery Point


Scholar's Chest - 6,000 Discovery Point

  • Large time scroll (x2)
  • Large profit scroll (x3)
  • Medium time scroll (x4)
  • Small Sapphire (x2)
  • Small Emerald

Specialist's Chest - 14,000 Discovery Point

  • Large time scroll (x5)
  • Large profit scroll (x6)
  • Small economy scroll (x2)
  • Small Emerald
  • Small Ruby
  • Free upgrade scroll

Expert's Chest - 20,000 Discovery Point

Master's Chest - 25,000 Discovery Point


Columbus statue.png
Columbus ship.png
Monument to the Explorer Santa Maria Attraction

Related Special Awards

Icon84 build columbus ship.png Name How to get it $ XP
Famous Pilgrim Build the Monument to the Explorer 50,000 2,500 2
Set sail! Build the Santa Maria Attraction 100,000 5,000 5

Event Analysis

For some Reason I can't comment on this page so I just wanted to add a note for those who have not started yet.

With 20 cafes and round the clock energy collection(no waste), you should be able to pull 25K easily.  I had 20 cafes and 8 bungalows (no more room but they don't gain much) and got to 25K with 20 hours remaining.

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