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From late in 2011 the game started offering Time Limited Special Events coinciding with real-world (typically American) festivities. These Special Events add a fun componant to the game for anyone of any XP Level to enjoy. Each event typically has the following components: they run for a short time, like 5 to 14 days; they are entirely optional; they make available limited buildings that can only be bought using special resources collected by participating in the event; they have Special Awards that you can achieve by participating, and by completing all tasks issued you can complete the event by building a unique very special building.

During the event there is a "Limited" button and/or a special graphic hovering over your pier. You can view the event details by tapping on either of these.

As you collect resources (depends on the individual event, see the appropriate page for details) they are accumulated in your Warehouse under the 2nd tab - Resources.

The buildings can be built from the Build menu - 7th tab. This includes buildings required for the event tasks and additional structures / monuments that are optional just for fun. Excluded from this tab is the main rvrnt structure that can only be built from the special button on the main screen or tapping on the pier.

Additional resources can be bought from the Build menu - 8th tab.

After the event has finished, the special structures needing resources remain available for a time from your Build Menu under the Special Buildings tab with the exception of the main "feature" structure that can only be built from the Time-Limited tile that appears on your game-screen and can only be built during the event. If you collected enough resources before the event finished to build one of the special structures (that appears in your Build menu), you can use those resources to build that structure even after the event has finished. Or if you need more resources, you can still buy resources for a time at a cost of €s from the Build Menu under the Special Resources tab. However, as new events occur, the buildings and resources of older events are removed from the Build Menu so they can no longer be built.

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