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New to Version 1.2.22 (Build 84) of Paradise Island HD (Android) is the concept of giving and receiving Gifts (or Presents) to/from your friends.

Some gifts are Free to send (limit of 10 per day), some cost $s, and some cost €. Different gifts go on either your Land regions, or on your Beach.

With Build 86 update, the bought-gifts now do not decrease the free-gift counter, and you can only send 1 free gift per friend but as many bought gifts per friend including multiples of the same item - however the bug is now that you can now only send a maximum of 10 gifts total per day. eg: You could send 1 x Hammock and 9 x Crabs to 1 friend (or 1 gift free or bought to each of 10 friends) but then you can not send any more gifts to any friend for another 24 hours, even if the counter says you can still send 9 or 10 free gifts...

All Gifts placed act as Decorations - i.e. they do not require road, staff or energy, do not earn income or break, can not be upgraded or moved to warehouse, the same as Monuments except they do not count towards the Monument Awards.

The person giving the gift pays for the gift and receives XP. The person receiving the gift can earn XP only by bulldozing the gift, but will earn the luxury score points for placing paid gifts.

Gift Awards

Number Name How to get it $ XP
269 Gracious Helper Give 10 Present normal.png free gifts 500 250
270 Good Friend Give 20 Present normal.png free gifts 1,000 500
271 Donator Give 30 Present normal.png free gifts 1,500 700
272 Generous Benefactor Give 40 Present normal.png free gifts 2,000 1,000
273 Great Sponsor Give 50 Present normal.png free gifts 4,000 2,000
274 Big-hearted Friend Give 5 Present normal.png paid gifts 500 300
275 Kind Patron Give 10 Present normal.png paid gifts 2,000 600
276 Subsidizer Give 15 Present normal.png paid gifts 4,000 1,000
277 Wealthy Sponsor Give 20 Present normal.png paid gifts 10,000 1,500
278 Natural-born philanthropist Give 25 Present normal.png paid gifts 25,000 2,000

As of Version 2.0.8, the above awards have been added related to giving gifts.  Also, several recent Special Events have included unique gifts and Special Awards for giving and/or receiving these gifts.

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