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The Easter event is different from the previous two holiday events. There are no phases anymore, but just like the Christmas 2011 event you can build four buildings at any time during the event and will unlock the final building only after having fully constructed all these four buildings. The resource Eggs are awarded when you tap an Easter Basket thought bubble. All four Egg resources can be collected throughout the entire event, but of course the most highly valued Eggs will be the most difficult to obtain.


To complete the Easter event you need to collect enough Egg resources to build all Easter buildings. Once the Easter Bunny King is constructed the award will register. You can build all four other buildings at any moment during the holiday event.

  1. Bunny House
  2. Easter Hotel
  3. Egg Factory
  4. Holiday Square
  5. Easter Bunny King

Zapping information

Given that the game is coded to drop the 4 different types of eggs randomly at the following rate:

0.35 (35%) = Silver Egg
0.25 (25%) = Golden Egg
0.15 (15%) = Painted Egg
0.05 ( 5%) = Ruby Egg
0.20 (20%) = No Egg

and you need 750 Ruby Eggs to complete the Event, you will need an average of 750/0.05 zaps = 15,000 zaps to complete this event (you will get all other eggs well within this number of zaps). With 1 Energy Zap per 3 minutes, this means the event will take you 45,000 minutes = 31.25 days = over one month of constant play, 24/7, day and night. Given the event only lasts for 10 days, it will be quite impossible to finish this event on time! Without spending € to buy Ruby Eggs or Chests or to replenish Energy Zaps, playing the game non-stop 24/7 over 10 days will not even get you one-third of the required Ruby Eggs. Eggs can also be found when visiting your friends' islands, however the few eggs you get from friends' islands per day are negligible to this calculation.

Unfortunately no-one has been able to determine any trick to getting a higher drop-rate. Unlike previous events where patterns were found in the way resources were coded to the people or different probabilities were assigned to different bubbles, in this event, each and every bubble is assigned an egg according to the above table, so going to friends islands and back at certain times or building other structures makes no difference. If it seems that it does, it is just like rubbing a poker machine a certain way might "feel" like you get a higher streak.



Easter Resource Decorated Egg.png
Easter Resource Silver Egg.png
Easter Resource Golden Egg.png
Easter Resource Ruby Egg.png
Decorated Egg Silver Egg Golden Egg Ruby Egg

Related awards

Name How to get it XP $
Easter Achievement Resources Collected.png Collector of Easter items Get 500 Easter resources 20,000
Easter Egg Connoisseur Get 1,000 Easter resources 50,000
Easter Egg Collector Get 2,000 Easter resources 100,000
Greater than Faberge Get 3,500 Easter resources 200,000
Easter Achievement Easter Eggs Clicked.png Acquaintance of the Easter Bunny Wish residents a happy Easter 600 times 20,000
Friend of the Easter Bunny Wish residents a happy Easter 1,200 times 50,000
Assistant to the Easter Bunny Wish residents a happy Easter 2,500 times 100,000
Successor to the Easter Bunny Wish residents a happy Easter 4,000 times 200,000
Easter Achievement Easter Completed.png Easter Keeper Complete the Easter special 5,000 100,000 10

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