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Build normal.png Buildings and Structures of Paradise Island


There are many structures you can build on Paradise Island for your visitors. A place to stay, eat or play, or just giving you money because its a building seems good enough.
The Administrative building, Pier, the Merchant's house, the Idol and the Atlass Hotel, cannot be moved or demolished, because they are your Island's key structures for your overall success on the Island, providing workers and visitors.  The same is true for the Bridge connecting the islands and the Pharos and the ruins (second Administrative building) on the second half of the island.

Build normal.pngThe following structures divided into several categories can be built from your Build menu:
Tab1.png Main Structures
Tab2.png Leisure Structures
Tab3.png Utilities
Tab4.png Decorations and Monuments
Tab5.png Region expansion
Tab6.png Luxurious Facilities
Tab7.png Time-limited Special Events Structures
Tab8.png Purchasing Resources

You can also send and receive Gifts between friends:
Present normal.png Gifts

In addition to the Build Menu, from time to time (nearly once a week, for up to 4 days) an Event Tab appears on the main game-screen giving you:
Event4.png Limited Edition structures (on sale for a limited period of time)

The above structures have been further sub-categorised for your convenience as follows:

In addition, some players have looked at the game's apk file (Android application pack) which is freely available to anyone to view, and have shared information that is not yet available within the game but will likely be soon. For a hint of what might to be, check out: Upcoming buildings and features.  Unfortunately, the apk files are no longer freely viewable since the developers have opted to password encrypt the files, but any hints of changes or improvements or even the more likely programming bugs will be shared freely on this site amongst fellow players.

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