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This area of the map is almost a no-man's-land for most purposes in the game. However, some structures can/must be placed in this narrow area. This area is the home of Leonid's Shop and the Idol.

There are two areas where roads can be placed going across this area. The first (and most critical area) is from the dock over to the Administrative building.  If this road is not in place, no visitors can explore your island.  The other road goes from the Atlass Hotel over to the top-right side of the island.  This particular area on the beach can also accommodate any 1x1 building (such as the Windmill).

The rest of the beach is primarily reserved for special visitors (villains or leprechauns) and standard lost pedestrians to wander around aimlessly. So far, only four productive buildings are placeable on the beach. Several gifts can be placed on the beach area, but only function as decoration.

As of the current version (2.5.6), there is no beach area available on the second-part of the island. Hopefully, southern beach area will be available once all the land expansions are made available with future updates.

You can also check out the Land or Water structures.

Money generating buildings:

Leisure structure Time to 100%
Size Profit/hour/tile,
upgrade 5
with 3 totems
& 3 oracles
upgrade 5
Dollars small.png Beach Disco 06:00:00 5x5 -372 $ 757 $ 0.56
Limited Edition -- -- -- -- --
Piastre icon.png Alexandrian Lighthouse 10:00:00 5x5 103 $ 144 $ 0.11
Piastre icon.png Impregnable Fortress 09:00:00 5x5 133 $ 183 $ 0.11
Piastre icon.png Sandbox 12:00:00 5x5 153 $ 207 $


Helicopter atlas.png
Merchant's house.png
Atlass Hotel Merchant's house Idol


Present beach umbrella 128.png
Present deckchair 1 1 128.png
Present deckchair 2 1 128.png
Present safety ring 1 128.png
Present sea crab 128.png
Sp present chest.png
Beach Umbrella Beach Lounge Chair Striped Beach Chair Heart-shaped Life Preserver Sea Crab Chest

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