Weekend Social Media

Each weekend the developer announces on their Facebook and Twitter feeds a bonus code that you can enter to receive bonuses.
Note that the codes are released sometime Friday afternoon but they are not useable until around midnight GMT regardless of your personal time-zone.

To use the code simply click on the "3 person icon"


in the bottom right hand corner of your island. Then click the "services" and then click the "Gift code" arrow. Enter the current code and hit "send". You must have an active internet connection when sending the code.

An alternative to the bonus code has been used starting in early 2013.  The bonus is now given using a special event window which is available from Friday through Sunday.  The event window has 2 steps.  The first step requires you to register your game.  The second step requires to visit the PI webpage.  You can then use the back arrow to return to your game.  When you get back, you need to press the "Take Reward" button at the bottom of the special event window.  The most common award for this event is 200XP and €2; however, the developers have thrown other rewards in, too.


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