Daily Marathon

Every time you launch the game after 24 hours since you last launched it you get a bonus, on a 5-day rotation. ie. the 6th day you receive the bonus you get the Day 1 Bonus again. Internally this is known as the Marathon Bonus. The bonus received increases as you increase in XP Level, and is doubled for linking to Facebook or Twitter, and trippled for linking to both.

Marathon Bonus
XP Level Marathon dollar enabled
Day 1
Marathon dollar enabled
Day 2
Marathon dollar enabled
Day 3
Marathon dollar enabled
Day 4
Marathon piastre enabled
Day 5
Facebook button
Marathon check
Twitter button
Marathon check
Facebook buttonTwitter button
Marathon check
Marathon check
1-7 Dollars small1000 Dollars small1500 Dollars small2000 Dollars small2500 Fly piastre light1 LuckyStar100Avatar LuckyStar100Avatar LuckyStar200Avatar
8-10 Dollars small2000 Dollars small3000 Dollars small4000 Dollars small5000 Fly piastre light1
11-13 Dollars small3000 Dollars small4500 Dollars small6000 Dollars small7500 Fly piastre light1
14-16 Dollars small4000 Dollars small6000 Dollars small8000 Dollars small10000 Fly piastre light1
17-19 Dollars small5000 Dollars small7500 Dollars small10000 Dollars small12500 Fly piastre light1
20-22 Dollars small6000 Dollars small9000 Dollars small12000 Dollars small15000 Fly piastre light1
23-25 Dollars small7000 Dollars small10500 Dollars small14000 Dollars small17500 Fly piastre light1
26-28 Dollars small8000 Dollars small12000 Dollars small16000 Dollars small20000 Fly piastre light1
29+ Dollars small9000 Dollars small13500 Dollars small18000 Dollars small22500 Fly piastre light1
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