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Khim Putheara Khim Putheara 12 February 2019

Paradise Island 2 - Valentine's 2019

-- 1. On Love's Wings

The pricess of the Land of Romance doesn't belive in love anymore! She gatherd her Cupids and ran away to our Island. Stock up on Love Candy while Naomi figured out what we can do

Collect Love Candy from the Ship of Love 1/1 time.

Reward: Coin=150, Experince=20, Quest=2

-- 2. Love is in the Air

How do we get the princess to belive in love again? The Cupids could help us, but they seem out of sorts themselves, Luckily, it's much easier to cheer them up than the pricess!

Help Little Cupid with a red badge. 1/1 time.

Help Little Cupid with a purple badge. 1/1 time.

Reward: Coin=250, Experince=25, Quest Point=3

-- 3. Sweet Life

Sweets recipes are already available at the Workshop. Start with something simple - say, a cupcake - and …

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Todd1801 Todd1801 15 March 2015


Just started the St. Patrick'a day event, but whenever I click on a leprechaun, the leprechaun never shows up. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Mr mittens77 Mr mittens77 29 January 2015

Hi there

Ok guys,

here I finally am.

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Sunlover1 Sunlover1 8 December 2014

Stardust nectar

Does anybody know how you can use the Stardust nectar produced by Galaxy restarant ? All other products generated in building have clear usage, but the Stadust nectar does not seem to have any.

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Acstechgm Acstechgm 14 November 2014


Does Stardust Nectar, bowling ball, or dice ever show up as a resource to send when participating in the "Competition "?

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Jena 1st Jena 1st 23 August 2014

Sending Messages Sucessfully

I am trying to send a message, but keep getting a message that says "enter more valid text".  What does this mean and why are my messages not going through?  Please help!

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Jena 1st Jena 1st 23 August 2014

Sending Messages

I am trying to send a message, but keep getting a message that says "enter more valid text".  What does this mean and why are my messages not going through?  Please help!

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Insel Man Insel Man 29 July 2014

Please add me

Island: BemmbabinIsland

User: Bemmba2

Friend code: 722e681
Level: 69

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Alex78160 Alex78160 8 June 2014

Game Backup

It's important to perform backups of your game from time to time.

Titanium Backup is a very useful app for this purpose. You can schedule automatic backups, apply labels to define different categories of applications and apply specific tasks.

For example, you can easily create a task that will "backup all your games every Monday and Wednesday at 11pm, only on AC or USB power , and synchronize to Google Drive once finished ”

It is also possible to synchronize with Google Drive. You can chose to export partially or globally (app + data).

The backup can be stored in a tar.gz file for example and be imported very easily when needed.

I use it for this game and many other applications, and also the entire system.

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Amir kani61 Amir kani61 18 May 2014

favorite event

Hi all of wiki users.

I write this blog to find out which event is the most popular and favorite , so please write down name of the event you like the most.

My favorite is google birthday event and runner up ice giant and santa secret haven.

Note 1:all the prizes of ice giant and google birthday event are the same except toy workshop instead of android park(i prefer android park,higher profitibility)

Note 2:i like santa secret haven so much because plus santa secret haven building you get alot of scrolls like great time,great sell,...

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Brittleigh2211 Brittleigh2211 20 February 2014

Special Event


I have a question about special events. The Valentine's Day event is almost over and I am not going to complete stage 4, my question is, can I purchase the rings that I need at a later time and complete the event after it is over? 

This also happened to me with the Christmas events, I built Santa's Haven but was unable to complete the building (I only have 29 of the 50 paper angels needed) so now the Santa's Haven is just taking up room on my island. Is it possible to still complete this? It looks like I can buy paper angels in the shop but they are 30 piastres per angel? What is my other option, to wait until next year or pay to destroy it? 

Please help! Thank you!

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Christmas questions! No answers :(

Where can I find answers on how to get the special awards for Christmas?

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Kingb10 Kingb10 16 December 2013

Letters to Santa

Hello friends, 

I have the sleigh on my island, Santa's Secret Haven and Santa's Little Secret on my pier. My question is; how do I get letters to santa? I have read that they appear from tourists but I have not seen any in 24 hours. Am I missing something? Thank you! 

Brittanys digs

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Azfandak Azfandak 5 November 2013

new building

Hi , I have a suggestion. you can add a new building in utility in this game that exchange something. for example in previous events we have extera resources like silver medal, mask ,orange ,candle ,snowball, cape ,bone, star ,paper angel , etc ... . by adding a new building we exchange these resources with pearl ,shell ,golden ring and piastres or other something. in other words we exchange the all of things in resource with they .thanks

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Kingb10 Kingb10 30 October 2013

Help Please - Discover Points and Relocating Buildings

Hello, Please help me!

I have 2 questions that I cannot find answers for. 

How do I earn Discovery Points? I was able to earn some during a promo early in October but I can't seem to earn more. Please help!

Also, why can't I relocate buildings to an open space? I move buildings around but I am only able to move them to areas shown (in green) on my island but I have other open areas that would easily fit the building that are not available to relocate to. Why can't I move them where I want them and not only where the game allows? 

Please help! Thanks, 

Brittanys digs

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THGA THGA 5 September 2013

My experience with support

Due to some contradictory support replies regarding island restore i've decided to publish parts of the communication.

on day X i wrote:

me asking why my island was banned and what the suspicion of cheating meant

reply on day x + 4

I have transferred your details for a careful investigation in order to help you as soon as we can and to provide you with the best support you deserve. Please, note that your request processing may take up some time, so our specialists shall get back to you within five working days.

reply day x + 7

In such situation I can recommend you to start the game from the beginning and then we can restore your old progress.

me day x + 7

me asking how to proceed

reply day x + 8

Please reinstall the application, enter your new name …

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Elk950 Elk950 27 August 2013

zombie update

just wanted to say that with the new updates my game has become very unstable... 4 of 5 game loads will crash... and when it doesnt crash and i can actually upkeep everything... it will ony save my progress 1 of 3 tries... so basically my game has become all but unplayable...

so i wanted to apologize to all my friends that might feel slighted cause ive stopped sending gifts, pools,  and balloons to everyone...  i will check everyday for new updates in hopes that one day i can play again... till then, happy islanding everyone.

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Burptown Burptown 29 July 2013

Here we go

Finally, a wikia-account. Let's see what we can do here!

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Anonymous editing and commenting, yes or no?

To apply to changes to U.S. federal law (July 1, 2013) Wikia has decided to prohibit editing and commenting for anonymous users on a whole range of 'high risk' wikis that would allegedly be very appealing to young people, among which our beloved Paradise Island wiki. The law in question is the COPPA, which is designed to limit the collection of personal information from people younger than 13 years of age. Even storing an IP address along with a comment is illegal if the comment is made by a person younger than 13.

I would like to have a discussion here NOT about the law (we can't change that anyway), but about Wikia's decision to include our wiki in the list of wikis on which anonymous editing and commenting are turned off. Do we want this…

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Galia862 Galia862 22 June 2013


wondering how took everyone that finish with the wow to complete it?  im on step 3 just waiting on 30 more rings and on level 16 with 32% XP

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Galia862 Galia862 22 June 2013


I just recently joined this site and the information on it is very helpful- On my 3rd Island since the others crash on a Kindle Fire-  Each time I play learned something different and helpful and since I discovered this site I learning more.    

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THGA THGA 31 May 2013

Where does this app come from?

Our beloved development team is residing here:

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Janeyra Janeyra 14 April 2013

Help on Transferring Island from device

I need help.  My island won't work on my Samsung phone anymore, I want to use my island name on my android tablet, how do I do that?

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Ucel Ucel 6 January 2013

Recovering from being banned

So it happened. One day you start your Paradise Island, try to visit your friends and get nice message saying, that your social capabilities have been suspended due to suspicious of cheating. No visiting friends, no special offers. Support at Game Insight cannot (or doesn’t want to) help you suggesting to start the game from the scratch. But you have already invested almost an year (or even more), your level is going towards 40 or 50, so the new game isn’t alternative at all. Is it anything else you can do?

It seems that creating of the new Game ID can unban you. More precise, it generates for you a new account on the Game Insight servers which doesn’t contain ban information any more. But in the real world there is no free lunch. All your f…

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Tmunger Tmunger 27 November 2012

Repairing the Pharos - Third stage quests

The wiki says - Collect 15 saws [1] by repairing Tropico restaurants.

But the game says by upgrading restaurants? Which on is it. is the wiki wrong or the game?

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Radmand Radmand 17 November 2012

Impatient Players

Is it just me or are players getting more impatient lately? The very nature of Paradise Island requires slow and continuous work to acheive many of the awards. Yes, some of them can be acheived by using purchased € to rush through, but lately people just want to complain about the longer slower aspects of the game. Just relax, folks!! Take your time and build up € using the available methods. Most special offers and events will come back around and you can save up for the ones that you know about. If you don want to pay then don't pay, but stop all the whining, please!

~ radmand2

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ParadiseGuest ParadiseGuest 29 September 2012

New buildings in 2.0.2 Android (since 1.2.28)

New in 2.0.2

Achievments: many Resources: Battery, Keys, ... Buildings: hotel_lux, hotel_lux.png, 2300000 $, -120 P, -160 kW, ?1200? XP, 7x7, 24:00:00 PT, max, 20:00:00 CT, 44,45,46,48,49,50 XPs, upgr. costs: 575000,977500,166175 bridge, ?.png, 0 $, P, kW, ?? XP, 12x12, 00:00:00 PT, max, 00:00:00 CT, XPs, upgr. costs: 0,0,0,0,0 pharos, ?.png, 0 $, P, kW, ?? XP, 5x5, 00:00:00 PT, max, 00:00:00 admin2, ?.png, 0 $, P, kW, ?? XP, 5x5, 00:00:00 PT, max, 00:00:00 CT, XPs, upgr. costs: 0,0,0,0,0, X upgr. times: 0

New in 1.2.30

Achievments: blueprint_buildings Resources: - Buildings: children_carousel, children_carousel.png, 55 €, -55 P, -75 kW, 1500 XP, 5x5, 02:30:00 PT, 3 max, 17:00:00 CT, 7,8,9,10,11,12 XPs, upgr. costs: 15125,25713,4…
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Lizaj3 Lizaj3 27 September 2012

Some Questions

Hello all! I'm new here and trying to find some answers. How do I collect drawing pieces and build the foundation? I visit my friends islands and have yet to find any drawing pieces. Is there more to visiting the friend's island that I'm missing? I clean them and leave a this all? Pastries seem to take awhile to build up. I wish you could send requests to friends that you need.

Also has anyone had problems with the friend code? I went to the reviews and was able to add 1 friend code. Got pastries then after that it tells me I have already used the friend code once??

Thanks for any help!! =)

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Dachegeo Dachegeo 14 September 2012

Stucked demoliton

When I hit properties on building only relocate is not grayed???!???!

simply stucked and without ability to move it or delete it. Simply I lost space for putting another water bilding.

version is 1.2.30

Someone same situation???

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Dachegeo Dachegeo 8 August 2012

Greedy DEVs

Level 14, effective playing 24h, 82 awards from 226. Events, special buildings are coming and not enough piastres and money.

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AK777 AK777 6 August 2012

Is this wiki dying?

The wiki is going quite inactive.Last edit:1 day ago-4 days ago.Really?Maybe you guys should make someone adopt the wiki..

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ParadiseGuest ParadiseGuest 21 July 2012

Creating pairs of beach chairs

To create pairs of beach chairs use a rotated Hammock and a Beach Lounge Chair and place them together. It will look like this if you also add a Beach Umbrella: == Or use a rotated Striped Beach Lounge Chair and a Striped Beach Chair.

PS: Click on the comments or on the title of the blog to view the image.

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ParadiseGuest ParadiseGuest 21 July 2012

New building in 1.2.28 Android

PT=pay time, CT=construction time, XP=collect experience

Version 1.2.28 airshow, airshow.png, 60 €, -65 P, -75 kW, 1700 XP, 7x7, 02:00:00 PT, 3 max, 17:00:00 CT, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 XPs, upgr. costs: 16500,28050,47685,81065,137810 fishattraction, fishattraction.png, 65 €, -65 P, -60 kW, 1750 XP, 7x7, 14:00:00 PT, 3 max, 24:00:00 CT, 34,35,36,38,39,40 XPs, upgr. costs: 17875,30388,51659,87820,149294 horses, horses.png, 75 €, -60 P, -75 kW, 1800 XP, 7x7, 18:00:00 PT, 3 max, 25:00:00 CT, 44,45,46,48,49,50 XPs, upgr. costs: 20625,35063,59606,101331,172262 paintball, paintball.png, 80 €, -55 P, -60 kW, 1900 XP, 7x7, 07:00:00 PT, 3 max, 14:00:00 CT, 17,19,21,23,25,27 XPs, upgr. costs: 22000,37400,63580,108086,183746
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AK777 AK777 24 June 2012

Roblox Players Wiki

Play Roblox?Join this wiki for roleplay tales and much more!Just follow the rules ane everything will be fun.WE NEED USERS!!!!!!

!Join the Roblox Players wiki!

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Zplough Zplough 26 May 2012


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Zplough Zplough 26 May 2012

test blog

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Roelske Roelske 19 April 2012

1st Blog


I'm testing all on this site since I'm new since today :)

Just want to check out all ! ;)

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Ezcry4t3d Ezcry4t3d 2 April 2012


I've grown bored with Paradise island, only checking in to see new content now.

I'm entertaining myself with Miracle City now instead. It has no building repairs, better returns for social "helping", and I like the quest system. You can find me as ezcry4t3d there.

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Joanlorraine Joanlorraine 11 March 2012

I cant get idol out of sand. I have enough shells and there is no hammer. Help!!!

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Ezcry4t3d Ezcry4t3d 26 February 2012

Obviously I'm back...

Got sucked back into this game fully again after the last few nice updates.

Going to work on making the process of updating the Profitability charts easier on me.

First test is below. :)





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Mkaboomba Mkaboomba 22 February 2012


Hi i Buld world Wonder but

where i can Fine Crystals Collected

Please Help Me

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Slideshow tryout

Because I do not want to mess with the WotW page when trying things out, I will do it here so nobody will notice it. I thought about making this slideshow so it could replace the static picture of the WotW on its page.

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Abacus78 Abacus78 5 January 2012

Waiting on the one of each award

Being playing this game for around six months now. (i think).. Just got the master of contruction and luxurious awards, and like many others I am trying to figure out what else is needed for the one of each.

187 or 198 awards collected (94.45)

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Ezcry4t3d Ezcry4t3d 7 November 2011

Status change

I won't be around as much as I'm moving on a bit to focus on other things.
I'll probably run out of € in the next couple months anyway, and really won't be around much after that. It's no fun if you can't build the special buildings, and if the Halloween event is what we have to look forward to, I can't spend that kind of time gathering resources over such a short period to build things anymore. I'm certainly not buying any more €, $7 was enough for me. If you're all lucky, you'll get one more update of the spreadshet and graphs to add all these new buildings when the repair costs are known. ;)

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Bexbex Bexbex 11 August 2011

Island crash

Two days ago I opened my island and found that almost all of my buildings had disappeared along with all of my territory expansions. The other issue is that even though all the buildings are gone, the island thinks that they are still there and using energy and employees. I am on level 22 and have put quite a bit of time into my island. I have emailed the developers twice now with no response and have noticed on message boards that this happened to other people as well. Does anyone have any idea if there is anything I can do to fix this? Help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Ezcry4t3d Ezcry4t3d 27 July 2011

I play Paradise Island

I play this game too much.

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Bratfromsb Bratfromsb 25 July 2011

Troubles, foibles and additions

Having quite a time with my paradise island game. It has caused more grief than Carter has liver pills. But determined, I will get it all figured out with the help of the techies on the paradise wiki.

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BuckMagic BuckMagic 7 July 2011

How do you get back the "unique building" button

A few weeks ago I would get the unique, special buildings, but I have not seen the unique building button for the past several weeks, although I see that new bulidings are available. Does anyone know how to get this button back so that I can purchase these buildings?

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Jadexxz Jadexxz 6 July 2017

Paradise Island

I play paradise island. when i repeatedly tapped the chest once, i was so shocked that...yeah. i was just shocked. Maybe already ten times, as i was repairing a building there was money inside. So I tried to erase the sentence" as this only rarely happens." In conclusion, I am very lucky with the island.

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