Paradise island hd Wiki
Requirements construction quests stated below
Size 5x5 tiles
Must be placed on Land
Movable Yes
Demolishable No
Road required Yes
Max number of facilities 1
Available from Update v2.3

Craft building.png


Albrecht's Workshop can be used to produce higher-value gems Emerald 2 large.png Ruby 3 large.png Sapphire 4 large.png from lower-value gems. This will also require some money, time and additional resources like Crystal Glue Crystal glue.png and Magnifying glasses Monocular Magnifying Glass.png, which an both be bought in Leonid's shop.

There may be future requirements, such as Jewellery Cases Jeweller casket large.png for higher level gems, though this hasn't been implemented yet.


  • Hire 10 builders. These are tourists with a helmet icon Badge craft employer.png.
  • Find a spyglass Telescope large.png. Buy it at Leonids for 60 Shell.png, 30 Pearl.png and 15 Golden ring.png.
    Hint: The spyglass is a top shelf item from Leonids shop, so buy the top shelf item every time to improve the odds of you getting the spyglass.
  • Manage construction. Provide 550 energy zaps Action energy drop.png. (Open the quest window, click on hammer Button hammer active.png. This will consume energy).
    A battery Roll energy large.png can be bought to get 500 energy zaps at once. If you own a battery, click on the Lightning bolt button.png next to the energy progress bar to use the battery.
Reward for completing construction
1x Large Economy scroll, 1x Small Emerald, 3x Crystal Glue

Upgrade to Level 2

In order to craft Rubies, one needs to upgrade the workshop.  Requirements for the first upgrade:

  • $ 100,000
  • 5 Pearl
  • 20 Shell
  • 1 Valuable Powder, received from crafting gems

The time to complete this upgrade is 12 hours.

Upgrade to Level 3

Requirements for the second upgrade, needed to craft Sapphires:

  • $ 200,000
  • 10 Pearl
  • 30 Shell
  • 2 Valuable Powder

Upgrade to Level 4

Requirements for the third upgrade, needed to craft Amethysts:

  • $ ?
  • Pearl
  • Shell
  • Valuable Powder

Upgrade to Level 5

Please note, upgrades to level 5 and above are only available for the iOS version of the game (from v2.5.0) at the moment.

Requirements for the fourth upgrade, needed to craft Fine Emeralds:

  • $ ?
  • Golden ring.png
  • 15 Pearl
  • 50 Shell
  • Valuable Powder

The time to complete this upgrade is ? hours.

Upgrade to Level 6

Requirements for the fifth upgrade, needed to craft Fine Rubies:

  • $ 700,000
  • 10 Golden ring.png
  • 20 Pearl
  • 55 Shell
  • Valuable Powder

The time to complete this upgrade is 32 hours.

Upgrade to Level 7

Requirements for the sixth upgrade, needed to craft Fine Sapphires:

  • $ 1,000,000
  • 15 Golden ring.png
  • 25 Pearl
  • 60 Shell
  • Valuable Powder

The time to complete this upgrade is 38 hours.

Upgrade to Level 8

Requirements for the seventh upgrade, needed to craft Flawless Amethysts:

  • $ 1,500,000
  • 20 Golden ring.png
  • 30 Pearl
  • 65 Shell
  • Valuable Powder

The time to complete this upgrade is 44 hours.


Crystal Glue Crystal glue.png, for creating Gems from small gems, costs 35 Shell.png, 20 Pearl.png and 10 Golden ring.png per tube and can be purchased at Leonids. The crystal glue will sometimes appear in a special 5th slot in the store. Normally there are only four store slots available to purchase from.

Monocolar Magnifying Glasses Monocular Magnifying Glass.png, for creating Fine/Flawless Gems, cost 50 Shell.png, 35 Pearl.png and 20 Golden ring.png per lens and can be purchased at Leonids. The lens has so far been observed in the second slot, but may appear in other slots too.