This '100 Golden Yards' event is a sequel to the 100 Golden Yards 2013 event, revolving around the American NFL final, aka Super Bowl. It started on January 31, 2014, and lasts for 7 days.

Earning points

You can earn points in the following ways:

Tap on tourists for 1 energy zap each => 14 points
This amounts to 14 points per 3 minutes, or 168 * 20 * 14 = 47,040 point during the entire event. Of course every Special Guest you zap will mean less points for this option.
Tap on Special Guest for around 36 energy zaps each => 450 points
This amounts to 12.5 points per 3 minutes (note: the amount of zaps needed fluctuates and could be a little lower or a little higher). The Special Guest also drops scrolls, gems, or resources when defeated. If you exit the game before completely depleting his health, the special guest disappears for a while and his health is back to full once he appears again the next time you play the game. To counter this, open one of the game's menus for as long as needed to refill enough energy zaps to kill him. Waiting without having a menu open will lead to the guest leaving your island before your energy zaps have refilled.
The possible rewards from Special Guest are:
Fifth element
Ruby 1 large
Emerald 1 large
Sapphire 1 large
Medium Profit scroll
Medium Time scroll
Collect all profit scroll
Golden ring large
Pearl large
Shell large
Collect income from a Gift shop => 5 points
This comes to a maximum of (0.7 * 25:00) / 5 = 1 point per 3.5 minute per shop. This translates to 15 * 2,880 * 1 = 43,200 points for the entire duration of the event.
Build a Statue of Tutankhamun => 650 points
There is no limited maximum number of points for this option, but beware that one Statue costs €5. This makes 130 points per €.
Build a Paintball => 9,000 points
If you buy the Paintball for €80, this means 112.5 points per €. If you have it in your warehouse as a Wet Willy reward it means 9,000 points for free :)

Reward chests

You can buy rewards for certain amounts of points.

Scholar's Chest - 10,000 points
Collect all profit scroll x3
Medium time scroll x2
Medium profit scroll x3
Emerald 1 large x2
Pearl large x10
Specialist's Chest - 20,000 points
Large profit scroll x1
Medium economy scroll x2
Medium time scroll x4
Ruby 1 large x2
Pearl large x20
Expert's Chest - 40,000 points
Monument Golden Quarterback
Free repair scroll x2
Crystal glue x1
Ruby 2 large x1
Key2 large x5
Golden ring large x10
Master's Chest - 60,000 points
"Touchdown" Stadium
Roll energy small x1
Crystal glue x1
Sapphire 2 large x1
Amethyst 2 large x1
Key3 large x5
Golden ring large x20

Related awards

Number Name How to get it $ XP
1 Touchdown! Build a "Touchdown" Stadium 100,000 5,000 5
2 Football Star Build a Golden Quarterback monument 20,000 1,000 1
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